News December 28-12-2001

Great News: Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal are going in the Studios again in January 2002.
According to Curt Smith they will be "hard at work in L.A."


News December 09-12-2001

The Fantastic Tears For Fears web store has a christmas special sale.
For example: The Universal Master Collection featuring all digitally remastered tracks including 'Cold', 'Shout', 'Break it down again' and many more. Now only
US$ 9.99 + shipping.

Check it out here.

News December 08-12-2001

'Shout' on  MTV 20 POP DVD!
Finally we see a TFF song on DVD. Unfortunately it is not the full version. Again the first 3 seconds are missing that show a barrel at a beach as a symbol of pollution. Roland stated in an interview (May 30 1985) that Shout is a protest song. Shout! Shout! Let it all out!.
The picture quality is horrible for DVD. It looks likes the DVD has Video CD quality.

This scene in the beginning of the song is missing on the DVD version.

News November 03-11-2001

A new Tears For Fears "Best Of" compilation has been announced for Japan. The CD will be part of a series of 32 bit remastered albums from various artists. Tracks unknown. More details coming soon.

News October 24-10-2001

Zomba RECORDS GmbH re-releases the long deleted album "Acting My Age" on 29.10.2001.
Where? In Germany right now.
CD / 29.10.01 / ZOMBA Records GmbH
Order No.: 5050159137428

Some copies will be available through

News September 25-09-2001

Good news:

1. The move to a new server has been completed. The site is up and running again.

2. There are a few copies left of Roland Orzabals CD single "For The Love Of Cain" at

3.Check out this site by the distributor of Eagle Record CDs in Germany featuring a 13 min. video special.

News August-03-2001

Sad news No.1:

Eagle Records Germany will not release "For The Love Of Cain".

This is sad news but the first single had no chart success in Germany. The company put a lot of effort into the release but the people did not accept the first single. So they decided not to take a bigger financial risk and will not release the single "For The Love Of Cain".
We only can hope that the single will be released through the official Roland Orzabal web site at

Sad news No. 2: No Tour is planned so far wether for Europe nor for the USA.

News March-18-2001

Click here for the new Low Life single ad .

News March-11-2001

New Tears For Fears best of CDs are released in Germany. A third one will be released in the UK on March 26th 2001.

Click here for more info on the two new Tears For Fears Best Of CDs.

TomCats Screaming Outside section features now 30 secs of Snowdrop.

News February-22-2001

After computer assemblies have been finished I'm able to present you the latest sound sample from TomCats Screaming Outside. Click here for more

News February-11-2001

New 30 sec sample from "TomCats Screaming Outside" available here.

Nur für Deutschland:
Ruf die Radiostationen an und wünsch Dir die neue Roland Orzabal
Single "Low Life".

Klicke hier für die Radiowunschliste im .pdf-Format.
Klicke hier für die Radiowunschliste im .doc-Format.

News February-2-2001

The new CD single Low Life will have the following tracks:

Low Life (Album Version) 4:36
Low Life (Supersub Mix) 4:58
Low Life (President Who? Mix) 4:50
Low Life (Edit) 4:08

Track 2,3 remixed by the Dukey Brothers
Produced by Roland Orzabal & Alan Griffiths

Catalog No.: EAGXS176
GAS 0000176 EGX
EDL EAG 334-2

The CD Single as well as the album can be ordered soon at

News January-21-2001

New 30 sec. sample available in the TomCats Section.

First Roland Orzabal single will be out soon! More details are coming soon!

News January-07-2001

Remember! Every Sunday I will put up a new 30 sec sample song of the new Roland Orzabal album 'Tomcats Screaming Outside'.

The samples that I will post are not the same samples posted earlier by KMK.

Thanks to Eagle Rock for providing the samples!