News December-09-2000

On 05.December.2000 I started the Fantastic Tears For Fears web shop!

In this web shop you will only find rare Tears For Fears items like promos, limited editions etc..
The items that I offer are not cheap but very rare collector items that you won't come across too often.

So: First come, first serve!

Check it out at

The official Eagle Records Germany - Roland Orzabal Biography in German
              language only. Now available here.

Also new: concert pictures have been added to the Tour section - 1985 Tour (added 07-12-2000).
                   A new song has been added to the soundcheck section

News November 17-2000

Some sections were moved from servers to a new more reliable server.

The picture discography was updated. Click here to access the TFF picture discography.

News November 15-2000

Today, I took down the unofficial extended remix of Low Life.

News November 13-2000

There are good chances that Mercury records will or already has release(d) a Tears For Fears CD in their Universal Masters Collection-Series. Tracks might be: Break It Down Again, Shout, Goodnight Song, Badman's Song, Power, Cold, Dog's A Best Friends Dog, Swordes And Knifes, Famous Last Words, Mothers Talk, Head Over Heels, Advice For The Young At Heart, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Sowing The Seeds Of Love, Woman In Chains.

Above information will be confirmed and more info will be posted soon.

Guess the song:

You can listen to a sample of a Tears For Fears cover song and guess which one it is.

Good Luck!

Click here to enter the Tears For Fears Tribute Section.

News November 13-2000

"Tomcats Screaming Outside" is still the title of Roland Orzabal's new CD coming out in Germany in March 2001.

First single is going to be "Low Life" which is planned to be released in Germany in early March 2001.
A video of "Low Life" is also going to be broadcasted on TV.

News November 10-2000

"Screaming Tomcats Outside" is now the title of Roland Orzabal's new CD coming out in Germany in March 2001.

First single is going to be "Low Life" which is planned to be released in Germany in early March 2001.
A video of "Low Life" is also going to be broadcasted on TV.

More news coming soon.

News November 08-2000

Mercury Germany has released a new Tears For Fears compilation CD for German's "Best Buy" equivalent supermarket chain 'Mediamarkt'.This 12 track CD features TFF hits from Mad World to Break It Down Again as well as the song Ideas As Opiates.

Titel: Tears For Fears-Mediamarkt - Catalog No. 548 188 2 - Distributed by Polymedia Marketing Group GmbH, Hamburg.

1. Shout 6:33
2. Break It Down Again 4:31
3. Advice For The Young At Heart 4:54
4. Everybody Wants To Rule The World 4:11
5. Mothers Talk 4:59
6. The Way You Are 4:56
7. Ideas As Opiates 3:46
8. Woman In Chains 6:28
9. Head Over Heels 4:14 misspelled Head Over Heals.
10. Mad World 3:29
11. Pale Shelter 4:39
12. Sowing The Seeds Of Love 6:19

News November 07-2000

Visit my special web page on the new Roland Orzabal album. Click here to go to the "TomCats Screaming Outside" section.

News October 21-2000

The press kit Section was launched on October 11th 2000. You will find a lot of background information on Tears For Fears
and their music from the year 1983 to 1995.

A new Tears For Fears CD in Germany.

A new Tears For Fears CD was released by Mercury, Germany on October 17, 2000.

Title and tracklisting info is coming soon!

News October 01-2000

The new CD by Roland Orzabal is called: "TomCats Screaming Outside". Coming out early 2001.

The news was provided by KMK. Click here to get to her TFF website and get more detailed info.

News September 02-2000

Groove Armada covers the Tears For Fears song 'Pharaohs'.
Normally when you talk about cover versions of a song all you here is the bass drum (bum, bum, bum) and the song itself is danceable but not recognizeable anymore.

Groove Armada slightly remixed the songs too, without destroying it.

Roland and Curt, if you should think about remixes for your new songs, consider Groove Armada to be your No.1 remixers.

The cover version of 'Pharaohs' has a Groove Armada intro for about 45 sec. Then 'Pharaohs' fades in smoothly. Compared to the original version Groove
Armada emphasizes the Piano and the original beat seems to be more toned down. Not much of a difference.

Here is an approx. 1:10 min sample of the cover version. Make yourself a picture of the song.
Download 'Pharaohs' mp3 - sample here.

!!! Please don't ask for a mp3 of this song. Go and buy the CD. It is expensive but worth the money. !!!

Order the CD at DMC World in England for UK Pounds 12.00. In Germany the CD can be ordered at JPC for 33.95 DM. In the US the CD should be released in September of 2000.

News August 16, 2000

Review: The Best Of Tears For Fears - The Millennium Collection

Finally, people can listen to another best of Tears For Fears CD. What is different to Tears Roll Down (The Greatest Hits 82-92)?

First of all, the version of "Change" is the Extended Version incl. the fade out.
We recall that the remastered version of The Hurting features the full 6:00 min version of Change (Extended Version).

One of Roland Orzabal's favourite tracks which he initially wrote for Robert Wyatt but then decided to do it himself,
is "I Believe". The "soulful re-recorded" version found it's way on this CD; finally available on CD.
Some of you say now: "That song was already released on CD!"... and that is correct.
It was first released on the Video CD (5" Laserdisc) of "I Believe" (Phonogram - 080 068 2).

More details here.

One of the best b-sides ever composed is Pharaohs; and not Pharoahs as printed on CD and backcover;
and a wise choice of the creator of this compilation. Great job.

Mothers Talk is the 1986 remix version which was released in the US and is therefore called the "USA Remix". With 4:14 min. it
has the beat of the drum working for TFF. Again a good choice
but the Extended Version would have been better one for all the hardcore TFF collectors.

Break It Down Again, finally, is Rolands solo work and in my opinion shouldn't appear on a
Best of Tears For Fears that has Roland and Curt on front and rear cover. Just my opinion.
Although it is a great track as well.

I think it's a great compilation but next time you should rather ask me what tracks to be put
on a best of compilation in order to increase sales.

I give it 8 stars out of 10. -1 star for putting the USA remix of Mothers Talk instead of the Extended Version and -1 star for the fact that track no 6 is not The Prisoner (Single Version).



News July 28 2000

If you have the opportunity to fly with Lufthansa you might see the special they have on Emilia Torrini.
Roland Orzabal from Tears For Fears is also mentioned. Looks like a little promotion for Tears For Fears.

Did you see that they misspelled Pharaohs at least on my copy of the Millenium Collection.
Pharaohs is misspelled Pharoahs on the back cover as well as in the booklet.

News April 29-2000

Earlier this year I wrote in the news section: "I have the feeling that there is going to be a real big BANG! coming towards us TFF Fans."

The bang is here!!!: Roland and Curt are suppose to write material together. If it will be satisfying for both and then released, are two different questions.

For me personally a dream might come true. All the years I hoped and worked towards a reunion of Roland and Curt. In my opinion Tears For Fears

was a team of two or more. But Roland and Curt were Tears For Fears.

My Rolcurt Section will also make sense again. Was it just a dream to keep alive it might get updated with new pictures soon.

Good luck Roland and Curt for your new project!


News April 16-2000

Roland Orzabal might release his new album through the internet site The new album will be out soon, one way
or the other.

Comment:I wonder that a musician that emphazises on the perfection of the music he creates, will release his music
in the MP3 format which sounds nice but does not have CD-quality.
It will be cheaper to publish the songs especially if no artwork will be released.Artwork belongs to an album and helps building the album to become a piece of art.
We'll see what will happen.


News March 19-2000

Hi TFF Fans,

see the new extended Tour Section with tons of pictures from the TFF tours 1983 - 1996. The 1993 and 1996 tour pages have to be completed and that's were
you come into play. I need tour infos, pictures or programmes from the 1993 and 1996 tour. I can not pay any money but I 'm asking for a contribution to this web page.

So, if you have material and you want to share, please email me at

I have the feeling that there is going to be a real big BANG! coming towards us TFF Fans.

Roland has almost finished his new album. Just wonder how and where it is going to be released.

TFF Fans pray, so we will see a new TFF album this year!


News February 22-2000

Under most dangerous circumstances a courier delivered an never before seen, unrevealed interview sheet from 1984 or 1985,
describing what no TFF Fan would have thought! Click here to find out the whole truth about Tears For Fears.

When expectations are high and the truth it all reveals! To me this is all Japanese, anyhow!
                                                                                                                    The Editor

News January 21-2000

Ticket to the world will come out on CD. More coming soon.

When I was browsing (listening) through my Records and  Cassettes I discovered something funny ore not?

Click here to listen to what I have discovered. (mp3 file 141 kbyte).

News January 04-2000

Today I would like to and do start the movement: "Tears For Fears: #1 around the world".
This movement is not (yet) officially supported but I aspect from the movement that all webmasters
of TFF webpages feature that banner on their pages to show the visitor where we want TFF to be again.

   No. 1 around the world.

You can save the image to the right and put it on your webpage!