News December-24-1999:

What a great Christmas "gift" ! Thank you very much Mr. Orzabal and Merry Christmas.
The song 'Ticket to the World' is just fantastic.

What else did we learn with this release?
If we look below we see that this release is published by EMI Publishing. Not too bad of a publishing company.

The track costs 0.99 UK Pounds = 3.09 DM = US$ 1.60 = 1.58 Euro at

Track Details:
Ticket To The World
Written by: Roland Orzabal and Alan Griffiths
Vocals Roland Orzabal
Guitars Roland Orzabal and Alan Griffiths
Keyboards Roland Orzabal and Alan Griffiths
Bass Dave Sutton
Drums Nick d’Virgilio
© EMI Publishing

News December-17-1999:

Download 30 sec. sample of Roland's new "Ticket To The World" from

Thank you Roland for the nice Christmas present. The 30 sec. sample sounds very promising.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2000.         Christian Zieske

News December-15-1999:

What did Roland and Curt do after leaving "Gratuate"? -> Forming Tears For Fears? Not immediately! Click here for pre-TFF history information.

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News December-01-1999:

News from Neptune's kitchen provided by Kathrine Kelly webmaster of the Canadian TFF Page:

New TFF CD almost ready please click here for more information.

Old News:

Thank you Kirk for the canada info on the new releases. Track listings and further information click here.

The new address for the official Tears For Fears page is