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News October 2021:

Finally the Great Uncles are back :-) More mature, chilled, having style and class. Looking forward to the new album The Tipping Point.


Check out the new video The Tipping Point @Youtube. Click here.

For an interview see Tears for Fears at The Ivors 2021 also on Youtube - click here. A well deserve award for songwriting.
Don't you think they show that in the new song, again?

Also checkout some other websites reporting on TFF's upcoming album. Click here & here.


News April 2014

Universal Music Japan will re-release Songs From The Big Chair as SHM-CD, Platinum SHM-CD and SA-CD.
Release Date 28 May 2014.

Media - Catalog number
Platinum SHM CD - UICY-40071

SHM-CD - UICY-76218
SA-CD - UIGY-9559

News January 2013
Funny how time flies. I will come back to this one later on.

1. Re-Released:
For the vinyl fans among you I have some great news.
On Nov 1.2012 the MFSL label has released The Seeds Of Love as a 140 g Limited Numbered Edition 8-track LP.

At the same time they also released Songs From The Big Chair also as a 140 g Limited Numbered Edition 8-track LP.

The sound is warm and transparent which showed lack on previous releases.
Where to buy them? Ask your local record store.

2. Newly released:
Leona Lewis has released her new album called Glassheart. The track called Favourite Scar includes samples of Tears For Fears 'Head Over Heels'.
Ryan Tedder (One Republic) apparently came up with the idea using the awesome TFF ballad/love song as a background for the new lyrics of Leona

News September 2011

Updated the tour information today. It's actually the last day of the tour. I guess I'm a bit late. Sorry for that. ;-)

News January 2011

The website was updated by fixing some links to show the correct pictures in the video section of the site.
Did you know that the Video compilation - Tears For Fears - GOLD plays the Remix Version of I Believe called I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording)?

News December 2009

Sadly, Brittany Murphy died on December 20th, 2009. Brittany co-stared in the video for Closet Thing To Heaven the first single release of the album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending. She apparently died of natural causes. Update 2011: quote:"
Ironically, Brittany died 5 months earlier of pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug intoxication."

News February 2009

According to the following tour dates are confirmed:

July 10: Chateau Ste. Michelle, Woodinville, WA
July 11: Oregon Zoo Amphitheater, Portland, OR
July 14: Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa, CA
July 15: The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
July 17: Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA
July 18: Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa, Henderson, NV
July 20: Humphrey's, San Diego, CA

Tickets kann be purchased via

News September 2007
The website celebrates it's 10th anniversary.

News February-2007
Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Extended Version) is now available via this link.

News November-2006

Brand new!
Please follow this link to see pictures taken Dimitri Vanlommel from Night of the Proms.

News July-2006

It seems that Tears For Fear will be playing at the Night Of The Proms in October / November 2006.

Click here for more information

News June-2006

Mercury Records will be releasing Songs From The Big Chair in Germany. It has apparently been released in England and in the USA. Click here for more information.

Mercury Records has also released a new best of compilation. Click here for more information.

News February-2006

A new Tears For Fears CD/DVD set will be released.
Name: Secret World !
Release Date: 13.03.2006
Country Of Origin: France
Track Listing:

Live CD
1. Secret World
2. Call Me Mellow
3. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
4. Pale Shelter
5. Closest Thing To Heaven
6. Mad World
7. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
8. Head Over Heels
9. Shout
New Single
10. Secret World - Radio Edit
Bonus Tracks:
11. Floating Down The River
12. What Are We Fighting For

Track 10 is the unreleased single "Secret World".
Tracks 11 & 12 The Bonus tracks are 2 previously unreleased tracks.

1. Secret World
2. Call Me Mellow
3. Sowing The Seeds Of Love
4. Pale Shelter
5. Cloest Thing To Heaven
6. Mad World
7. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
8. Head Over Heels
9. Shout
Recorded during their performance at Parc des Princes in Paris (18th June 2005).